BA/MA History  And Heritage Management
                                BA History & Heritage Management
                                                                    Previous qualification not required for joining this course
BA History & Heritage management
Tamil Nadu Open University
Eligibility   Previous qualification not required for joining this course (No pre-qualification is required) All School failures are admittied to this course or HSC
Candidates who have completed 18 years of age on 1st July of the academic year are eligible for admission to B.A/B.Com. three years degree course .  .Students need to appear for the  preparatory test along with FY BA Final Exam  First year student will automatically proceed to the second year and second year student to the final year whether they pass the exam or not. The same rule is applicable to the post graduate students also.
The examination will be held on April/May every year  

FIRST YEAR: 1 Hindi Or French or Urdu or  Tamil or Kannada or Malayalam or Telugu  2. English  3 History of India upto 1206 AD 4 social and cultural history of India from 1206 AD to 1707  5 Introduction to tourism 
Second Year
6 Hindi Or French or Urdu or  Tamil or Kannada or Malayalam or Telugu 7 English 8 History of india from 1707 to 1947  AD 9 Social and Cultural Heritageof the Tamils upto 1600 AD 10 Indian archaelogy and museology  11 Environmental studies 
Third Year  12 Social and Cultural history of Independent India 13 Art and Architecture of India 14 social and Cultural History of Tamil
Nadu from 1600 to 1950 15 principles of Heritage Management 16 Indian Epigraphy and Numismatics

BA. History  And Heritage Management
Annamalai university
EligibilityHSC or +2
First Year:

1 Hindi or French or Tamil

2 English
 1 Ancient History of Up to 1206 AD
 2 History of Europe from A.D. 1789 to 1945  
Second Year:
 1.Hindi  2 Papers ( Poetry and Grammer  and Non detailed Text)  
 French  2 papers (Prose- Translation and Grammer and Poetry Drama Comprehension and Composition)  or
 Tamil 2 papers (Prose and Drama and History of Tamil Literature)
 3 English

 3 Social and Cultural Heritage of the Tamils  Up to 1336 AD
 4 Indian Archaeology and  Musicology
 Third Year: 
 5 Social and Cultural History of India from 1206 to 1707 A.D  
 6 History of Indian Art and Architecture 
 7 Principles of Heritage Management
 8 Indian Epigraphy and Numismatics
9  Modern Governments



M.A.History and Heritage Management,

M.A. History & Heritage Management
Annamalai University 
Duration: Two year
Eligibility: Any Degree or an equivalent examination. 
First Year 
1   Social and Cultural History of India up to 1206 A.D. 2
2   Social and Cultural History of India from 1206 - 1857 A.D.   
3   (a) History of Modern Europe from 1789 to 1919 A.D.    
4    (or) (b) History of USA from 1776 to 1945 A.D.    
5   Freedom Struggle in India Since 1857      ; 
6   History of India Art and Architecture    
Second Year 
7   Intellectual History of Tamil Nadu    
8   (a) History of India Since 1947    
9   (or) (b) International Relations Since 1914    
10   Principles and Methods of Heritage Management     
11  History of India Archaeology    
12   History of Science and Technology