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    1. Admission is open to all eligible candidates. Admission can not, however be demanded as a matter of right.
    2. Every student on admission is assigned a roll number. This number should be quoted in all correspondence to the institute.
    3. For enquiry, always send self-addressed stamped envelop and quote the roll number.
    4. Students desirous of receiving information at foreign address shall pay extra postal charges if they desire replies by air-mail.   
    5. The institute will provide the students with study material in parts in accordance with the progress of studies and in proportion to the fees paid as the student   proceeds with his lessons and submits written answers to the institute.
    6. If a candidate shifts his /her residence, he/she is required to inform us immediately.
    7. Study materials will be sent by ordinary post. If lessons are required by registered post an additional amount of Rest. 150/- must be sent at the time of admission.
    8. A student must send balance of fees in time. If he does not send it, dispatch of lessons will be stopped.
    9. No arrangements for practicals will be made at St. Paul's Institute.
    10. On successful completion of the course Diploma will be awarded to the students.
    11. Examination rules framed from time to time will be applicable to the students.
    12. The Institute reserves its right to change or modify the syllabus of any course with out assigning any reason.
    13. In case of loss or destruction of original certificate an amount of Rs.250/- shall be charged to issue a duplicate Mark list/ Certificate/ Diploma.
    14. In case of loss of study material an amount of Rs.100/- shall be charged per paper to supply additional copy of study material.
    15. Only study material is supplied to students preparing for competitive examinations.
    16. The student appearing for competitive examinations held by Bank, UPSC etc. have to send their application for competitive examinations directly to the      examining bodies. Student must ascertain his/her  eligibility and other condition of the examining body.
    17. It shall be understood that ignorance will not be considered as an excuse. Student or the guardian cannot take the plea that the Director/Principal
    or    the    Management of the institute has verbally given any permission, assurance and-or concession about the eligibility for the
    concerned examination or concession in fees paying the fees late or submitting certificate late or forwarding the registration/examination form
    late or student has not read or . understood fully the rules and regulations of St. Paul's college or institute or university, or student's is/was made to sign the enrolment form or any other papers in a hurry or not properly informed or wrongly informed by the management or anyone of any issue
    whatsoever at any time. It is also understood that verbal talks and/or discussion and/or personal assurance given on any issue/s are not valid
     and binding on the Institute and same will be treated as null and void.
    18. The student will not allow any other person to use the study materials, helpful hints, confidential suggestions etc. supplied to him for his exclusive use.
    19. That in the event of any change being made in the syllabus of the examination involving the supply of additional study material or the correction of extra lessons or revision in postal charges or increase in any other expenses, the Institute reserves the right to make an appropriate extra charge.
    20. These Institutes are not affiliated to any Board/University. All students are admitted for postal tuitions and guidance only.
    21. No concession in the fees will be given, if a candidate selects a subject or a paper out side the subjects for which we offer coaching.
    22. All students are expected to maintain decency and decorum in dealing with officials of the institute either in person or correspondence. The Director reserves the right to suspend from the privileges of studentship any person who violates this rule and no refund of fees will be made in such cases.
    The decision of the director in this regard is final.
    23. The institute may sue or be sued in respect of any breach of contract on the part of student or of the Institute and such proceedings shall be instituted in a civil court of Bombay.
    24. The Institutes  reserves the right to proceed in respect of any arrears of fees.
    25. Students shall observe all Rules and Regulations of St. Paul's Institute and obey such orders as may be issued from time to time.

    1. 01. Fees as shown separately may be paid according to full Payment Scheme or Installment payment Scheme.
      02. Fees are payable strictly in advance. If the student undertakes to pay the fees in installments, he/she must see that all installments are paid    regularly by the 10th of every month.
      03. The fee is accepted in installments only as a matter of convenience to the students and does not limit his/her liability for payment of the        whole amount in any way. The student is liable to pay the full fees, whether he takes the full course or abandon it in the middle.
      04. Fees may be sent by Money Order, Cheque (crossed) or by Demand Draft (crossed) and made payable to  the    Director, St. Paul's College, Bombay-400 075

      . Over and above the tuition fee, Rs. 1950/- per year must also be sent along with fees by students residing  abroad .
      06. Fees printed in the prospectus are for study material only and it doesn't include cost of text books and writing material. However, there is   no     need  to buy all text books  except in languages
      07. Admission fees of Rs. 300/- must also be paid with the application.
      08. Every candidates has to pay Rs. 125/- ex­tra for the lessons to be sent by Regd. post. Other wise they shall be sent by ordinary post

      09. Examination and Diploma fees shall be extra.
      10. The installment should not be altered, suspended or stopped without the written permission of the Director.
      11. The fees once paid are not refundable in part or full under any circumstances.
      Fees are accepted on the clear under­standing that the intending students or through a representative acting on his or her behalf has read  and agreed  to all the rules and regulations of the Institute          
      13 St.. Pauls Institutes reserves the right to increase the fee at any time .of the year
      14 Exam and Diploma Fee shall be extra


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