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B.A. Performing Arts
B.A. Performing Arts

Madras University
First Year
1) Any one Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil or Telugu or Urdu or Kannada or French or Arabic or Sanskrit or Communicative English
2) English
Core Paper I - Introduction to
Paper - III : Muttamizh - I (Theory)
Core Paper II -Paper - IV :Fundamentals of Nadagam Comprising of south Indian
Dance and Theatre - I (Practical)
Allied - I -Paper - V :Foundation Course in Isai - I (Music) (Practical)
Second Year
Core Paper III -Paper - VI Introduction to Muttamizh - II (Theory) 3 100 40 8
Core Paper IV Paper - VII Fundamentals of Nadagam (Theory)
Core Paper V -Paper - VIII Fundamentals of Nadagam comprising of South Indian
Dance and Theatre - II (Practical) 1
Core Paper VI -Paper - IX Adal - Nadaga - Aranga Amaippu - Choreography (Practical)
Allied II -Paper - X Foundation Course in Isai - II (Music) (Practical)
Final Year
Core Paper VII -Paper - XI Foundation Course in Isai (Music) (Theory)
Core Paper VIII; Paper - XII Nattuvangam (Practical)
Core Paper IX -Paper - XIII Fundamentals of Nadagam comprising of South Indian Dance and Theatre - III (Practical)
Core Paper X -Paper - XIV Foundation Course in Isai - Tamil Compositions (Music) (Practical)
Paper - XV Application oriented Subject -Foundation Course in Isai (Music) (Theory)
Madras University

First Year
Foundation Courses
1) Any one Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil or Telugu or Urdu or Kannada or French or Arabic or Sanskrit or Communicative English
2) English
Core Course - Main Subjects
Paper - I :Practical -Foundation Exercises and Songs
Paper - II : Theory - Introduction to Theory
Core Course -
Allied Subject - I
Practical - Subsidiary Vocal / Instrument - 1

Second Year
Core Course - Main Subjects
Paper -III :Practical - Higher Level Musical Forms - 1
Paper -IV :Practical - Higher Level Musical Forms - 2 1
Paper -V : Theory -
Part - I : Tamil Prosody & Music
Part - II - Physics of Music
Paper -VI :Theory - Advanced Theory
Core Course - Allied Subject - II
Practical-Subsidiary Vocal / Instrument - 2
Final Year
Core Course - Main Subjects
Paper -VII :Practical - Advanced Musical Forms
Paper -VIII :Practical - Kritis
Paper -IX : Songs from Sangam and Bakthi Literature
Paper -X : Theory - History of Music
Application Oriented Subject Music in Other Arts
Madras University
B.Music [or] B.A. Indian Music [or] B.A. [or] B.Sc.with any subject as the main [or] any other Degree [or]
an examination of any other Universities  and qualified in any one of the following
exam. in Music are eligible for admission :
[1] Certificate Course in Karnatic Music offered by the Department of Indian Music under
Industrial Consultancy Programme of University Industry Community Interaction Centre (UICIC).
[2] Diploma or Sangita Siromani Examination of the University of Madras.
[3] Ezisai Mani Title Examination of Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
[4] Sangitavisarada Examination of Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi.
[5] Sangita Siromani Examination in Carnatic Music of Delhi University.
[6] Sangita Vidvan [or] Isaikkalaimani Title Examination [or] Isai Vanar Examination,Government of Tamil Nadu.
[7] Higher Grade Examination of the Government
Examination, Government of Tamil Nadu.
[8] Ganabhooshanam of Kerala Government.
[9] Diploma Examination of Andhra Pradesh Government.
[10] Senior Examination of the Karnataka Government.
Vocalists [or] performers of Melodic Instruments of Classical Music, auditioned by the All India Radio and placed under ’B’ Grade [or] Grades Higher than that.
[12] Teachers’ Training Certificate in the subject of Music issued by the Govt. of Tamilnadu (at present conducted at the Music Academy, Chennai).
[13] Any other Certificate, Title [or] Diploma examination of a recognised University
[or] Statutory Body accepted and approved by the University of Madras.

First Year
I : Practical Foundation Course in Performance
 II : Practical Musical Compositions – 1
III : Practical – III-Alatti Part I, Part II,Karpanaikovai and Tanam - Part I & II
IV : Theory-History of Music - Tamizh Tradition
 V : Theory -History of Music - Samskrta Tradition
Second Year
VI : Practical-Musical Compositions
 VII : Practical-Niraval
VIII : Practical -Alatti - Tanam – Pallavi 1
  IX : Theory-Advanced Theory 3
   X : Practical-Musical Compositions - 3

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