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Q. When can I begin my studies ?
A. Since we teach by correspondence, we do not have sessions or terms. A student can begin the course at any time of the year at his convenience.
This is the greatest advantages of correspondence tuition as a student need not remain idle waiting for a term to begin.

Q. Do I need to come to the office of St. Paul's Institute at Pant Nagar, Mumbai-400 075, or to travel to meet with Institute
authorities or a tutor ?

A. No, you need not. Our academic and ad­ministrative systems are carefully designed so that you can complete all of the work without leaving your
 home or disrupting your personal life. You are cordially welcome to visit our of­fice it you wish, but there is no requirement that you do so.
For your academic program your contact with your Tutor by Mail serves as a
 major link with the Institute. This is frequently also accomplished by phone and by mail.

Q. What other expenses will there be be­sides the Tuition, Exam & Diploma fee?
A. None payable to the Institute. You may in­cur telephone, or mailing expenses of your own, but there are no additional costs or the administration and
 academic processing. The fee for your tutor, and Institutes are covered by the single tuition amount.

Q. Can I get a Scholarship ? Can I arrange an extended tuition payment plan over sev­eral months or longer ?
A. Some limited scholarship funds are avail­able. These are awarded on the basis of need and merit. You should discuss your individual situation
with the Director of Admissions. You can also discuss with him your needs for ex­tending the tuition payments over a period of time. This can
generally be arranged. All tu­ition fees must be paid in full prior to getting, the Diploma.

Q. When I sent in tuition fees and enroll, what will be the next step ?
A. You will receive in the mail full enrolment information and study material. These include instructions regarding how to provide informa­tion
about prior experience, and how to an­swer questions given at the end of lessons.
Q. How long will it take to get my diploma?
A. That depends on you. All work at the institute is individualized and paced to each student's abilities and needs. Some highly qualified and
energetic students complete the requirements for the Diploma in a few months, Others spread out their work and take much longer, perhaps
up to one and a half years.

Q. Is SPI Diploma recognized, approved or accredited ?
A. These and other similar terms are frequently used, and almost as frequently misunderstood. The Diploma Course of
St. Paul's Institutes is not recognized by the Government and is not intended as a substitute for a government recognized Diploma. If your aim is
to secure a government recognized qualification this can be done by passing one of the professional examinations or academic courses (i.e.
 B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A., B.M.M., B.B.M., B.C.A., B.Ed., B.G.L, B.Lib., M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., M.L.M., M.M.M., M.F.M.,
M.H.R.D., M.P.M., M.I.M., M.C.A., M.B.A. Diplomas etc.) for which St. Paul's College provides postal tuition. Such examinations
are, however, beyond the reach of many. To them we strongly recommend our general Training Course which provide a thorough
Knowledge of management commercial Engineering subjects. The Diploma you will receive after such a course is well known to
employers and enables our students to secure  promotion or employment in India & Abroad.

Q.Will you help me to get a job?
A. On joining any of our courses, a student will be registered with our Employment Advice Bureau and can get guidance in job/educa­tion/ scholarship
 opportunities in India and Abroad.

How can I get questions about the In­stitute and the enrolment procedures answered ?
A. You can call the Director of Admissions Tel.No. 022-25011695, 022-25010403 e-mail : stpaulscollege@yahoo.com or
write to The Director,St. Paul's Institute, or St. Paul's Institute of Management Studies Suraj Kiran, A, 228/5988, Gr. Floor,Ram Narayan Narkar Road,
 Pant Nagar,Bombay - 400 075. India.Call or write today, do it now
Free counseling Tel (022) 25011695    (022) 25010403    stpaulscollege@yahoo.com

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