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Study Programme for External Students
St. Paul's College  in association with
St.Paul's Institutes and St. Paul's institute of Management studies


Dear Prospective student,
The lack of a Degree/Diploma in today's society can be discouraging, disheartening and downright frustrating for as never before,
 the path ways to success promotion, raises and prestige are being blocked to those who lack Degrees/Diplomas.
We truly live in a credential conscious society, with far more emphasis placed on a person's credentials than on individual's experience
 and ability to perform. An increasing number of companies and organizations require college degrees/ diplomas for an individual to be
hired or promoted within their organization.
Because of this, many competent, intelligent and capable individuals see their desires, dreams and goals, thwarted while other less
qualified individuals get those advances, promotion, raises and prestige that should have gone to them.
To many mature adults and professionals the traditional methods for completing Degree/diploma requirements make it extremely
difficult, if not impossible, to complete their education.
There are many factors, responsibility to their families does not allow them to quit work and go to college full-time to
 complete their Diploma/Degree requireme­nts. Loss of income from not being able to work full-time is another factor. The high
cost of tuition at these institutions is often prohibitive, and most institutions of higher learning are geared for the younger individual
who has not been exposed to or acquired knowledge that mature adults have received.
In far too many cases an adult returning to traditional college is required to spent time taking courses that are duplication
of previous work and making it extremely boring and frustrating for him to take a course when he may be qualified to teach it.
St. Paul's College offers corresponde­nce course in Bachelors, Masters degrees diplomas in many disciplines. Many are
listed in the prospectus. If your area of study is not listed, contact or write to the admissions office and they will inform you of its availability.
The following are some of the exciting development experienced by St. Paul's College and St. Paul's Institute
of Management Studies.
If one word could express the progress of St. Paul's College, it would be growth. With an increasing number
of individuals choosing to complete their education with St. Paul's College we feel that our-development has been nothing short of phenomenal.
St. Paul's College offers counseling service, either by letter or in person, to prospective student. To take advantage
of this opportunity merely write today or come personally to the office. If you have any questions whatsoever please do
not hesitate to call on us at any time during office hours.
St. PAUL'S COLLEGE offers a no cost evaluation programme to the mature adult who feels his work experience,
military service, life experience, life learning, functional ability and past life academic training, age, knowledge in English, has
degree/diploma level equivalence. To take advantage of this programme send detailed resume and other related information
to the office. You will be contacted for a confidential review of the results.
Our no cost, no obligation, evaluation allows you to determine your acceptability into our programme prior to
 making commitment to enroll.

St. Paul's college brings classroom to your door. In spare time you can study at your convenience and pass examinations
 within three months to three years, depending on your qualifications and date of joining, Even if you have never been to a
school you can pass B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. B.B.A.,B.M.M., B.B.M., B.C.A. and M.A.. M.Com., M.L.M.,
Degree examinations and diploma courses in different disciplines.
We live in a time when nothing is constant but change. Many people who have thought themselves to be in a lasting position
have discovered that overnight this has been turned upside down. Those individuals who prepare themselves in advance
for the unexpected are the ones who are better able to cope with rapid changes in our society.
Now at St. Paul's college the mature adult who, for whatever reason, family or community responsibility, non availability
of the proper programme or lack of time or money has not completed, his degree/ diploma no longer needs to be held back
because of the lack of a college degree/ diploma. At St.Paul's college we have developed a comprehensive programme to allow
you to complete your education and earn your desired degree / diploma without disrupting your daily life.
In the following pages of this prospectus, we have explained how our programme works and how you may take advantage
of its many options. If you have any questions before enrolling, please write today or come personally to the office. If you have
no further questions, fill in the enclosed application form and mail it today and you will have taken a major step in earning your degree/diploma.
Thank you in advance for selecting St. Paul's College / St. Paul's Institute of Management Studies as the college from which to
complete your education    
Sincerely yours,
Unique Features
We  teach by correspondence. Correspondence tuition is now endorsed by leading educational authorities. It is undoubtedly the 21st century method of
The Education Commission (1964-66) observed that correspondence courses are a well tried and tested technique and worthy of extending the benefit to
many, all over India. St. Paul's has been established to give additional facilities for education at the school and university level and meet the country's large scale
 educational needs. Education is something that never stops, like the development of personality, it is a continuing process.
St.Paul's has been established with two main objectives: a) to provide educational facilities to those who are unable to take up regular courses for personal or
 economic reasons & thereby improve their promotional and employment possibilities, b) to afford opportunities for academic courses to the already qualified and
 who want to continue the educational pursuit.
We wish to familiarize you with following incontrovertible facts.
1) Choose from the following
Our institution is providing coaching facilities for all courses starting from the letter ABCD to S.S.C., H.S.C., B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A., B.M.M., B.B.M.,
B.G.L., L.L.B., B.Ed., B.L.I.S., M.A., M.Com., M.Sc., M.C.A., M.L.M., M.Ed., M.B.A., M.P.A., M.L.I.S., M.M.M, M.F.M, M.H.R.D. and Diploma courses
 in different subjects under its distance education department.
2) No sessions or terms
Since we teach by correspondence, We do not have sessions or terms. A student can begin the courses at any time of the year at his/her convenience.
This is one of the greatest advantages of our correspondence tuition as a student need not remain idle. However it is necessary that students must register his/her
name in the University in time to appear for the exam.
3) Our efforts in your career
St. Paul's has a faculty of qualified teachers. Besides we have advisors, having a fund of experience. They point out your mistake, As the course progresses, there
develops a strong bond of friendship between the tutor and the student, though they may not meet. The tutor's sympathetic and helpful attitude is a major factor in the success of our students.
4) Direct, Personal coaching
Our postal tuition is in fact a personal tuition. Each student on enrolment is kept under the supervision of a professor. All his queries, and lessons for correction
will be placed before him who will divide work among his assistants This way all the difficulties of the student are personally attended to by the staff.
No student is sent for the examination without his / her difficulties being solved.
5) Look What we offer
Lessons are so designed to extend the pleasure of classroom learning. Lessons bring out in the text book clearly and lucidly that even a below average student
can understand them.
6) Method of study
The student study the lesson and the relevant text book if a text book has been prescribed. Then they are required .to answer a number of test questions
on the lesson. The Advanced stages include questions taken from examination papers of the previous years. The questions are searching and carefully
selected to expose the students weaknesses if any. The student posts the answer books to the college for correction.
7) Medium of Instruction
The Medium Of Teaching is English
8) Registration as a private candidate
St. Paul's will assist the students to register with the Board or University and complete guidance in this respect will be given in advance
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